Day two of the Library Day in the Life round 6

I’m on helpdesk duty for Copac and the Archives Hub today, so today starts (even before my first cup of tea!) with a check through of the emails that have come in since yesterday. Most of them are spam, but there’s one real query for Copac – someone wanting a copy of a paper. This happens fairly often with Copac – we explain what Copac is ‘a merged catalogue of the holdings of over 50 UK national, academic, and specialist libraries’, and that we don’t hold any items ourselves. Then we point them to a source for the item they want, telling them who holds it and/or suggesting they ask their local library for an inter-library loan.

A couple of quick SLA Europe emails sent, about the ECCAs (deadline soon!).

Then onto scripting my talk for the UKOLN social web workshop next week. I’m talking about VftL and social media. Have a plan of what I want to say in my 25 mins, but I have to script it! No good at talking without a script, so I have to write it all out and practice it… Fortunately I have my exceedingly handy words per minute list, which allows me to work out how many words I need to fill certain amounts of time, without repeated reading and timing. It can be quite daunting though! 25 minutes works out at 4000 words, which is rather hefty…

But there’s the libraries debate going on at Westminster this morning as well, and Haggis and Mash up in Edinburgh, so my twitterstream is even more distracting than usual! By 11 I’ve only got 350 words written – time to turn twitter off for a while…

Get distracted just in time to turn on the #haggisandmash stream to hear @juliancheal talking about linked data. He’s working on the LOCAH project, and I’m naturally keen to hear what he’s got to say (and not just because I want to steal his examples for my article, oh no!). Then lunch, and a quick check of helpdesk and personal emails.

Part of me wants to do something else this afternoon, but I’m 1500 words into my presentation, and should really plough on. Trust #libday6 to happen on a week where I’m mainly doing large chunks of writing! Tomorrow will be more exciting though 🙂

2000 words! so a quick break and another Copac query. One I can’t answer this time, so have passed on to a colleague to look into. Then watched Gary Green’s ‘save libraries mashup challenge video’, before tea & cake!

Then back to the scripting. I get everything I want to say done in 3500 words. When I time it on Friday I’ll see how close that comes into the 25 minutes – I’m sure allowing an extra few minutes for questions will be fine!

I make sure I’ve got my train tickets for tomorrow (off to London for the VftL board meeting), and some stuff to read on the train. I’ve never chaired a real face-to-face meeting before, so I hope I’m not expected to do any special esoteric preparation… (‘You! Chair! You’re supposed to have memorised every word of every email from the past 6 months! And brought cake! What’s wrong with you?!?’) To be on the safe side, I think I might take cake 😉