It’s Library Day in the Life time again! Here’s my day on Mon 24/1/11.

First thing of the day is to check emails while drinking tea. In between the spam, there’s some interesting stuff, and I’ll add it to my to-do-list. After years of hand-written to-do-lists, I’ve recently been converted (thanks @woodsiegirl!) to using Nirvana. Finding it very useful – it’s great to be able to brain-dump everything I need to do for a project.

First email action is to help an Archives Hub contributor – having an issue using the EAD Editor. Been doing some back-and forwards email diagnostics, then logged on as them to see if I could reproduce the problem. Seems to be fixed.

Decided to blog rather than tweet my libday6, as a) the blog’s been rather quiet recently and b) it means I don’t have an excuse to be on twitter all day, so I might be more productive… Still popping on to check out other people’s days though, so probably not.

Realise am putting off working on article. Am writing 5000 word article for Business Information Review about Linked Data and the LOCAH project. Not had to write a long, peer-reviewed article for quite some time! Finding it a bit daunting, especially as my knowledge of Linked Data is very limited and mainly practical. Understand enough to work on my bits of the LOCAH project, but do I understand enough to write about it so other people will understand? Regardless, my aim for today is to get 1000 words done, whether they make any sense or not!

Squeezed in a quick blog post over at Voices for the Library about the Library day in the life project – hopefully might lead to a bit of echo chamber escaping!

Got 500 word introduction to the article written before lunch. Then off to the gym, and back for a quick sandwich in front of the emails that have come in over lunch.

Quick check of personal emails to make sure there’s nothing I need to do for VftL, and no SLA Europe award submissions to acknowledge. The deadline for ECCA applications is a week today (31st Jan), so I’m expecting a lot in over the next few days!

I reach 1000 words at 3:30, and celebrate with coffee, chocolate, and a quick twitter break. Decide to carry on with the article for now, as it’s going quite well – though am bemused as to why EndNote isn’t displaying page numbers. Will have to check output style settings, but that can wait until the end! Letting myself get distracted by things like that is one of my worst productivity drains.

Ok, managed another 20 mins and 200 words, before starting miring myself in a description of URIs and RDF. Will leave it for today, and hope it become slightly clearer tomorrow.

On to some data checking for Copac. We’ve got some new contributors lined up for 2011, and I’m looking over the data of the Bishopsgate Library. This came to us in XML. I produced a mapping for our programmer to apply, to turn XML into MARC, and it’s this MARC output that I’m going to be checking now, to make sure that the data has been transformed correctly, and makes sense as MARC. Once processed, the data will go through anothet transformation to trun it from MARC to the MODS XML format used on Copac. That’s a little while away yet though!

Got the first tranche of data done by 5, and have scheduled myself in to look at the second set tomorrow. For now it’s writing up this blog post, then check over emails (work and personal) for any more actions for tonight or tomorrow. We’re having the first VftL board meeting in London on Weds, and tonight I’ll be looking over what people want to discuss, and finalising the agenda.