Day three of the Library Day in the Life round 6

This was a day full of adventure and excitement, as I headed down to London to meet the Voices for the Library team! Most of us had never met each other before yesterday, despite having worked very closely together over the past 5 months, so we were extremely pleased to finally have a face-to-face meeting!

It was also my first experience of chairing an in-person meeting, and I’m delighted to say we covered everything on the agenda, and only over-ran by an hour 🙂 I never thought there would be any problems, and the team proved to be as lovely ands easy to work with in person as they are virtually. We’ll be releasing the minutes on the VftL website soon (thanks to some sterling work from secretary Simon), but for now I’ll just say watch out for some exciting developments next week!

I took advantage of the train journey down to London to read Ruth Kneale’s book ‘You don’t look like a librarian‘. I’d been given a copy to review for SLA Europe, so I’ll save most of what I have to say for the review. One thing though – I wish I hadn’t been reading it on the train with no laptop, as there were loads of links and resources I wanted to follow up on!