Managed to lose track, so this is a two-days-for-the-price of one library day in the life

Back in the office today, after the excitement of a trip to London yesterday. While I was away from a computer, we received 5 more applications for the SLA Europe ECCAs. This is great news, but I wish they hadn’t all waited until I was unavailable! I checked that the applications had come through, and then emailed each of the applicants to say thanks for applying, and that we’d got their documents safely. We’re trialling an online submission form for applications this year, which worked fine in testing, but suddenly decided to start throwing errors once real applications came in… This means I have to reply manually to applicants, rather than the nice automated systems doing all the work!

I also booked some leave (woohoo!) and answered some Copac and Archives Hub queries.

Then checking more library data for Copac, and the gym at lunch time again.

More data checking in the afternoon. I’ve now had a look at the basics of the files. Next week I’ll look for things that we recognise as potential issues for all imports – eg are notes about theses in a 502 field? If not, are they consistent enough that we can move them to one? I’ll also make sure that there is holdings information for all records – or that we know how to handle it if not!

Then draft a quick post for the Archives Hub blog about VftL and our board meeting, which should go live on Monday.

A work from home day today! I don’t work from home very often, but today I needed to record some tutorials for the Archives Hub on how to use the EAD Editor, and it seemed easier and more sensible to do it from home, where I’ve got the right equipment, and shouldn’t be disturbed.

Possibly because I don’t work from home very often, I’ve found it quite difficult to be productive today. This could be because I don’t have a special workspace at home – I’m sat on my sofa, at my computer, same as during normal ‘me time’. I think if I was working from home more often, I’d need to put some kind of differentiation in place. maybe just wearing proper clothes rather than slopping around in my at home clothes!

Of course, I have been doing a lot of work from home recently, at evenings and weekends, mainly for VftL, but also for SLA and my book! (I’m editing a New Professionals Handbook for Facet, and if you haven’t already had one, watch out for emails begging for case studies!) But while that has to be done, it doesn’t have the same ‘must sit down and be at the computer between 10 and 5:30’ vibe that actually working from home does.

So rather a bitty day today. Got some adminy stuff cleared up, dabbled at a bit of light writing. I’ve also practised my UKOLN social web day talk, and am pleased to say it comes in at 25 mins 30 🙂 Slides will be done on Monday, when I’m back in work with my two monitors! I do find it much harder to go back to working with only one – perhaps another reason that working from home’s not been so successful for me today.

Finally as an end-of-day treat, I watched Ned Potter’s day in the life video, which you should totally watch if you haven’t already. It’s ace, and making me wish I’d been rather more creative in my own libday6 stuff… Ned’s an inspiration as always!